Decorative and functional surfaces

With around 30 million polyamide and approx. 60 million single and multi-component parts per year, SAXONIA Galvanik is one of the leading international suppliers in the field of chrome-plating on plastic. Four modern large-scale plants enable a capacity of approx. 1,500 m2 of metallized surface per day. Since 2020, more and more product ranges can be coated completely free of chromium(VI) in a process- and series-safe manner.

Another strong business has been metal electroplating for the electrical industry for decades. With electromobility and strongly increasing demand for hybrid and electric vehicles, the area of application and the plating solutions have again expanded significantly in recent years. Together with leading process and equipment suppliers, technologies and coating solutions could be specifically adapted to applications in electromobility, which has special requirements for the transmission of high electrical power or whose copper and aluminium components must withstand high currents for power transmission. The first large-scale production runs for automotive applications have been running on our systems since 2022.

With 50 years of experience, comprehensive process know-how and the use of state-of-the-art equipment, surfaces from SAXONIA Galvanik have all the optical, haptic and functional properties that are important in the fields of (e-)mobility, electronics, the household appliance and sanitary industry and medical technology.

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Process approval for completely chrome(VI)-free production line by VW

At the beginning of November, the entire process sequence at SAXONIA Galvanik GmbH was audited by VW as part of the chrome revision. This also included the two chrome(VI)-free process steps pre-treatment and deposition of the metallic final layer on a series production line. We were able to give the auditor insights into our company and answer all questions. The audit was passed. This is the first time that a process approval has been granted for an entire plant. The approval refers to interior parts that we produce in bright or matt chrome for VW Group vehicles. The approval includes all brands of the VW Group, such as Audi, Porsche, Skoda, Seat and Bentley. 

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First OEMs confirm quality of the completely chromium(VI)-free plating process

For half a year, the new completely chromium(VI)-free plating process for plastics has been put through its paces in a converted series plant in numerous sample campaigns. In the process, both the pre-treatment/conditioning and the final coating were changed. The aim is the sampling and external release of products already in series production, as well as the initial sample release of new articles. With Stellantis (PSA/FCA) and Skoda, the first car manufacturers have now confirmed the performance of the new process. The temperature, climate change and corrosion tests carried out were passed in full. The first automotive series projects in the demanding interior have been approved by Daimler. Among them is a demanding 2K part. Audi projects are currently in the final phase of EMPB approval. Further projects will follow successively.

For assortments from the household, caravan and electrical sectors, the conversion to large-scale series production has already taken place. These steps are important for the upcoming complex conversions of other production lines in the next few years, including the numerous re-sampling processes within the supply chains, which will take several years to complete. The conversion of the next two series plants has already been scheduled.