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SAXONIA Galvanik

SAXONIA Galvanik is a partner in the development of innovative products, surfaces and plating processes.

Coatings from SAXONIA Galvanik not only meet the various demands of the industry for haptic, decorative and functional surfaces. Rather, we see ourselves as pacemakers for innovation: we were one of the first electroplating plants to chrome-plate polyamide parts in large series, to find solutions for selective electroplating of parts with up to 4 different plastic components or ways to recover metals in the process cycle. These processes are still highly topical today after many years in use and are mastered with confidence.


In the meantime, we are also among the pioneers in the substitution of chromium(VI) with alternative processes. In the meantime, the first car manufacturers have confirmed the performance of our new process; the temperature, climate change and corrosion tests carried out have been passed in full. Accordingly, the first new projects have already been successfully released for series production. For assortments from the household appliance, electronics and caravan sectors, the conversion to series production has already taken place on a large scale.

Our strategic location in the centre of Europe, at the crossroads of European east-west and north-south transport routes, in the immediate vicinity of the German automotive and automotive supplier industry and in the neighbourhood of industry in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary or Slovakia makes SAXONIA Galvanik a sought-after supplier: with a competitive cost structure even in comparison with Eastern Europe.

Decorative and functional surfaces

SAXONIA Galvanik masters the safe coating of a wide range of both conventional and technical plastics: with four large-scale production lines that enable a capacity of approx. 1,500 m² of metallised surface per day, even in the high-volume segment. Many years of experience, comprehensive process expertise of highly qualified employees as well as the use of state-of-the-art equipment guarantee excellent results as well as an increase in the value of the chrome-plated surfaces. Thanks to our close cooperation with customers, partners and various institutions, the company has the potential and expertise to continue offering successful material combinations and problem solutions in the future. In cooperation with specialised research partners, various processes have been introduced and optimised for series production in recent years. With the help of over 330 employees, SAXONIA Galvanik today serves a growing international customer base.

Research & Development

SAXONIA Galvanik is a well-known and valued partner in the development of new products, new surfaces, new plating processes and the introduction of new processes together with the process owners. Own laboratory capacities on the most modern technological standards as well as a cooperation with the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and other technical research institutes offer SAXONIA Galvanik best possibilities in the development of new technologies. Together with our largest chemical suppliers, we test new plastic materials and new chemical processes in order to be able to offer our customers innovative products. No question from our customers remains untested! It is not without reason that the company has been one of the leading suppliers in polyamide coating as well as selective plating of 2-, 3- or 4-component components for many years and is now one of the first companies ever to convert a series production plant to completely chrome(VI)-free plating processes and to produce in series.

Innovative spirit with a long tradition

The processing of metals has a long tradition in Halsbrücke. As early as 1612, the ore mined in the surrounding mines was smelted here. At the beginning of the 20th century, almost all mining in Saxony ceased – but this had no effect on the Halsbrücke site. The site had various production areas – from a smelter and a gold refinery to plants for the production of sulphuric acid and copper vitriol. From 1972 onwards, precious metal plating began in several manual partial plating plants, and from 1982 onwards, several galvanic bath plating lines were put into operation.


Under SAXONIA Edelmetalle GmbH, the first electroplating line for plate on plastics was installed in 1995. Between 1997 and 2006, the construction of three further plants for chrome-plating on plastic followed. At the end of 2005, the spin-off of SAXONIA Galvanik GmbH was completed as part of a management buy-out. Since then, the existing facilities in Halsbrücke have been modernised and converted for new innovative polyamide processes, processes for the selective coating of multi-component parts and other innovative processes. In 2012, the investment in a further production line for the plating of multi-component and polyamide parts was finished (production line 5). Another sign of this strong growth was the opening of the Hainichen location for quality control as well as the incoming goods warehouse in Nossen in the same year. In 2018, JKL Kunststoff Lackierung GmbH also became part of the group of companies: as a specialist in the painting of large series. Up to 10 million components are finished here every year. Since 2018, SAXONIA Galvanik has been successfully working on the implementation of chromium(VI)-free processes in a series plant. Already in 2020, several hundred thousand series parts were safely coated in these new processes and delivered. Further production line conversions and project conversions are in preparation.