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3D printing, lasering & masking

As a special service for customers, SAXONIA Galvanik offers the finishing of additively manufactured 3D printed parts as view samples.

In addition to the electroplating of provided or purchased parts, we offer our customers various processes before and after electroplating. Lasering into the chrome after electroplating opens up various innovative design and customization options, while masking offers the option of selectively coating 1K components (e.g. ultrasonic welding pins).

Additive manufacturing of prototypes

In order to be able to react quickly and flexible to customer requirements or their complex component geometries, SAXONIA Galvanik uses industrial 3D printing: In this process, a planned component is built up layer by layer on the basis of digital design data and is available within a few hours. This “rapid prototyping” in additive manufacturing not only enables us and our customers to hold visual or functional samples in batch size 1 in our hands. We have also developed the possibility to plate such additively manufactured printed parts. In this way, we can demonstrate product individualization, decorative upgrading and functional properties such as electrical conductivity, wear or corrosion protection. The production of such samples in 3D printing also has the advantage that planned components can often go into series production much faster, as later manufacturing steps, such as fixture construction, can be planned and started – even before toolmaking or the arrival of the original component. No matter whether functional or geometrically demanding prototypes, illustrative models or design samples: we realize your planned component before you manufacture tools or start large-scale production – feel free to contact us.